Why Every Man Should Be Using a Slim Wallet

  • by Chantal McCulligh

Just when you think choosing the best slim wallet doesn’t matter, you stumble across these stats. Studies show that more than 1 in 3 surveyed (35%) of people have suffered from both wallet loss and theft. Nearly 1 in 4 (22%) had lost their wallet but have never had it stolen, and less than 5% had their wallet taken but had never lost it. And if you end up in any of these categories, it really sucks. To help you keep your wallet in your pants (and not someone else’s), you should be using a slim wallet and here’s why.

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Slim Wallets are Harder to Lose

You might think that the smaller the wallet, the easier it is to lose. However, this isn’t the case. Using a slim wallet allows you to fit your prized possessions in tighter, smaller places that are harder to lose. For example, if you have a big bulky wallet, you are likely to take it out of your back pocket anytime you sit down.  Add in a couple drinks with the boys and a few bar switches and suddenly, you don’t have a clue where the last place was that you had your wallet.

With a slim wallet, you can sit down and keep your wallet in place.  You can leave it in your pocket until you need it because it’s that slender and lightweight. And when your wallet stays in your pocket, you are less likely to lose it. 

Only Carry the Essentials in a Slim Wallet

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When you have a large, bulky wallet you tend to feel like it needs to be filled. Otherwise, it looks empty and you look broke. So, you put in every piece of plastic you own – from your cred cards and debit cards to your monthly memberships, social insurance card, and birth certificate. This is completely unnecessary. Seriously, when was the last time you needed your birth certificate when you were out with the guys? And if you’re a frequent wallet-misplacer, losing these items can be quite harmful to your privacy, identity and bank accounts.

The good news is that you don’t need to be carrying around everything you own. With a slim carbon fiber wallet, you can fit in only the essential items you need for the day, such as your debit card, one credit card, and I.D. The rest can stay at home in a safe place. If you still end up losing your slim wallet, at least you don’t lose your entire identity and access to all your banking information.  

Slim Wallets Are Easy to Fit Into Tight Spaces

The most common place men store their wallets is in their pockets and it seems pointless to think of having to put it anywhere else. But think about it for a minute. Do you like to ride rollercoasters? Then, you’ll want a slim wallet that can fit in your sock. Do you like extreme sports or adventures? Then, you’ll want a slim wallet that fits in a smaller pocket. Do you like to get heated with the boys and get rambunctious? Then, you’ll want a thin wallet that doesn’t pop out of your back pocket.

Basically, if you’re a man who likes to have a good time, you’ll benefit from having a slim wallet.  


If you’re one of those guys who is constantly on the hunt for the last place they saw their wallet, then you’ll benefit from having a slim wallet. ColdFire has a vast collection of luxury leather slim wallets, all of which are designed to be slim, lightweight, and highly durable.


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