Our Story

At ColdFire, we’re committed to crafting items that stand the test of time. Our home base and production factory are nestled in the heart of Plovidv, Bulgaria in the European Union, surrounded by a rich mix of history and innovation. Our city has been standing for more than 7,000 years and it’s the longest surviving city in Europe. We are built the same way – with integrity, strength, and the passion to persevere.

             Coldfire was founded in 2015 with 20 years of leathermaking experience for the world’s largest brands. We saw firsthand how labels often overshadow the value of materials and were disheartened by the passionless process that we were supporting. We dreamed of launching a label that not only represented strength and quality, but truly delivered it. A 10,000-km ride re-ignited our rebel spirit and propelled us into action.

             A stone-cold, fire-hot Ducati Diavel motorcycle inspired the name and passion behind our Coldfire. This iconic bike is just as much a stylized sculpture as it is a powerful, roaring piece of machinery. Riding on its back across the continent, I realized that true perfection is only possible through uncompromising quality and distinctive design.

             Coldfire delivers real value with a commitment to traditional craftsmanship. The rebel spirit shines through as we shatter style barriers. Every piece is crafted to inspire confidence and empower your experience. Modern, classy designs make a strong first impression at formal events and professional functions. The same inherent strength and unparalleled durability stand up to every challenge with accessories that are built for adventure.

             Tactical excellence ensures that you are prepared and stand out in the process. We are proud to champion innovation and partner with the world’s leading material producers. Every metal, fiber, fabric, leather, and thread that we choose is sourced with care and tested under pressure for optimal performance. Coldfire combines high-tech benefits with high-performance guarantees for tactical accessories that shine in all areas.

             Whether you’re hard at work, traveling the world, or pursuing an extreme adventure, you’re ready to rebel and rise to the top with Coldfire.

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