Effective Ways To Stop Losing Your Wallet

  • by Chantal McCulligh

It takes seconds to lose your wallet. You go to sit down and take your wallet out of your back pocket for comfort and the next thing you know, you’re retracing your steps trying to find it. The struggle is real and one many of us can relate to. In a recent study, 62% of people reportedly lost their wallet or had it stolen. Of the people who admitted to losing their wallet did so repeatedly. So, if you’re the type of guy who can’t seem to keep his wallet in his pants, here are some things you can do to stop losing your wallet.

Simple Tricks to Stop Losing Your Wallet

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Downsize to a Slim Wallet

If you’re a repeat offender of losing your wallet, the first thing you want to do is downsize to a slim wallet. There’s a common misconception that the bigger the wallet, the harder it is to lose. However, when you have a large, bulky wallet, you are more likely to take it out of your pocket anytime you sit down. The struggle of putting it back in your pocket often results in people leaving it sitting on a nearby surface. These are two great ways to lose it!

When you choose a slim wallet for men, you can comfortably keep it in your pocket even when you’re sitting down because the size doesn’t bulge and poke into you. You can also tuck it into tighter pockets to prevent it from falling out. You can also easily slide a slim wallet back into your pocket anytime you take it out to prevent it being left out on a table somewhere.

Downsizing to a small wallet also allows you to cut back on the number of things you carry around with you. So, even if you were to still lose your wallet, you at least wouldn’t be losing absolutely every card and document you own.  


Get a Zippered Men’s Wallet

When you think of men’s slim wallets, you likely don’t think about the zippered option. After all, most zippered wallets for men are quite large. However, there are slim wallets for men that remain true to size and that come with a zipper. You just have to know where to look.small wallet, slim wallet, slim leather wallet, slim wallet for men, men's slim wallet

Cold Fire’s collection of slim wallets for men come in all shapes and sizes and even the largest styles with zippers are still thin, compact and lightweight. Choosing this option can help prevent you from losing your wallet in many ways. The first is the most obvious; with a zippered wallet for men, you are able to keep the contents in your wallet. This is a great option for men who don’t necessarily lose their wallet, but who often lose the items within it. The second way a men’s zippered wallet can prevent you from losing it is because the zipper requires effort. With just any ole’ wallet, you can pull out the cards you need without any conscious effort or thought. With the zipper option, you have to consciously pull the zipper to close the wallet. It seems like nothing more than an added detail, but this simple feature can prevent you from tossing your wallet around without thinking about it. By having to zip the wallet closed, you are taking more time to focus on your wallet and where it is going, so you’re less likely to replace it.


Forget the Slim Wallet and Get a Cardholder

If you’re really horrible at losing your wallet, perhaps it’s time to retire it altogether. Slim cardholders are an excellent alternative that only hold the essentials. They’re small and compact, and can be tucked securely into your pocket. And since they only hold a few of the necessities, you don’t have to spend hours replacing all of your cards and information if you happen to still lose it.

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Get in the Habit of Checking

One of the simplest ways to stop losing your wallet is to adopt new habits. This tip can be quite annoying, but it can save you a ton of money and time. Studies show that 45% of people who lose their wallets have to spend a day or more to undo the damage. So, although it may be frustrating having to “check in” on your wallet and hold yourself accountable, it can be worth it in the end.

If you’re unsure where to start with this tip or know that you won’t remember to check on your wallet, set a reminder on your phone. Have your phone alert you a couple of times a day to pat down your pocket to make sure your wallet is where it’s supposed to be. If you’re heading out with the guys for the night, change this reminder to every hour just to make sure. Before you know it, making sure you have your wallet on you will come to you naturally and then, you won’t need those annoying reminders.

Change The Pocket

Take a trip down memory lane and see if there’s a common element when you lose your wallet. Perhaps you lose your wallet every time you go out with the guys or every time you travel. Maybe you have a certain pair of shorts or pants that don’t store items properly or maybe you discover that you lose your wallet when stepping in and out of a vehicle. Determining if there is a common factor can help you make better choices moving forward. If you lose your wallet when you’re out on the town, consider not taking it with you when you’re going out to the pub or use a cardholder instead. If you know you have shorts or pants that things fall out of, retire them for lounging around in the house only. If you discover that you always lose your wallet when you’re getting up and down from a sitting position, consider opting for a slim wallet for men that can fit in your front pocket instead of the sides or back. Although these simple changes seem ridiculous, they can make a huge difference.


Designate a Spot

If you find that going out isn’t the problem but rather, you tend to lose your wallet indoors, designate a specific spot for you to place your wallet every time you come home. The key to making this trick work for you is to pick a spot that’s convenient enough for you to place your wallet there each time you come home and to commit to putting it there. Consistency is key and the reward of not having to search every level of your house for your wallet is worth it.


The type of men’s wallet you choose can drastically affect the likelihood of you losing it. Shop the slimmest wallets for men at Cold Fire and stick with a style that works for you and your lifestyle.


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