What Your Wallet's Style Is Actually Saying About You during 2020 year

  • by Chantal McCulligh

If you haven’t thought about what your wallet is saying about you, it’s time to listen up. Every time you pull your wallet out of your pocket, you’re telling the people around you something about who you are, and it doesn’t even have to be true. So, before you pull out your old, denim, Velcro, or DIY duct tape wallet to pay for the bill on your next date or to pick up a tab after dining with a new potential client, you need to figure out what your wallet is telling other people.

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Wallet Styles

The general rule of thumb is leather is better. However, what may surprise you is that we aren’t talking about the traditional cowhide leather because there’s something better. Kangaroo leather is 10 times stronger than traditional cow leather, and it’s significantly lighter and thinner. All of our carbon fiber wallets are made with kangaroo leather to provide you with a stronger, lighter, sleeker wallet that speaks volumes about your quality and expectations.

But what about the other styles of wallets out there on the market? Let’s find out what they’re really saying about you.


Patterned Wallets

Unless you’re a teenage boy, you probably shouldn’t be carrying around a pattern wallet. These types of wallets give off a childish and sometimes even a delinquent appeal which will definitely drive opportunities away, whether romantic or career-oriented. Now, this isn’t necessarily the case for all pattern wallets but rather, the ones with characters, shapes, colours and all kinds of who-knows-what plastered on them.

If you do like patterned wallets, consider swapping out your child-like version for one from our Blade collection. With these carbon fiber wallets, you’ll have a strip that gives you enough pattern to meet your needs, without taking away from the masculine sophistication of the wallet as a whole.


Non-Leather Wallets

Any wallet that isn’t made of genuine leather, whether from cowhide or kangaroo, will give off a childish appearance. From canvas wallets to DIY duct tape wallets, faux leather wallets, plastic, Velcro, you name it, unless your age is still a single-digit, it’s best to leave them for the little kids. Otherwise, your wallet will instantly tell the people around you that you are immature and unable to handle the responsibilities associated with being an adult.

Now, let me emphasize that faux leather does fall into this category of inappropriate wallet fabrics for adults. PU-leather is not leather, so stick with the authentic versions. Better yet, go with the best - kangaroo leather wallets.


Two-Toned Wallets

When it comes to wallets that are two tones, this can be both good and bad. As a general rule of thumb, if the two tones are extremely noticeable, the wallet will give off a tacky appearance. However, if the two tones are incredibly subtle such as the stitching on our carbon fiber wallets, then you’ll be giving off the first Slimmest wallets, slim wallet, best carbon fiber wallets, carbon fiber wallet, best slim wallets, best slim carbon fiber wallets, RFID wallets, RFID passports,impression that you’re a stylish man who places importance on details. This first impression can be powerful for both dates and new job opportunities.


Colourful Wallets

If you have a colourful wallet, it’s time to retire that bad boy. Very few people carry vibrant wallets around, and if they do, they’re usually females. There are many reasons for this with the first one being that you don’t ever want to use a wallet that sticks out like a sore thumb. You don’t want to bring attention to the one thing that is storing your most valuable information and cash, and that’s exactly what bright coloured wallets do.

So, even if you’re a dude who likes bright yellows, greens and oranges, just say no when it comes to buying a colourful wallet. Dark, neutral tones are best, as they will pair perfectly with every outfit and will remain in style for many years to come. Add in the fact that our carbon fiber wallets are designed with unparalleled strength and durability and you’ll want to have a style that doesn’t expire years before the fabric.  


The Logo or Emblems

We have all seen the wallets with a massive logo or a statement emblem plastered all over the surface…. In the early 2000s. These wallets are incredibly outdated and even considered as tacky because gone are the days where eccentric is stylish. Instead, the world has taken on a subtle, sleek and minimalistic appeal and your wallet should follow in suit. And that’s not to mention that having the logo of your luxury men’s wallet all over the place is like walking around with a sticker on your back that says, “I’m a great person to rob because I have money.” So, just avoid any wallets that aren’t subtle with their logo and emblems. There’s no good that can come out of that situation.

At Cold Fire, we make sure that our brand is sleek and stylish. We wanted to make sure that our logo and emblems don’t interfere with your personal style while also encouraging your lifestyle. This is why we created our logo plates with aerospace-grade Ti 6-4 titanium. It’s the stronger metal that has the perfect blend of chemical elements to give you the grit, style and strength that matches the way you live your life. The titanium is also able to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosion, so even your tough lifestyle can’t destroy it.

Other than that, you’ll find our very sleek and small emblem on the zipper of some of our carbon fiber wallets. These are also made from materials that match your life, such as Tungsten which is one of the most iconic metals used in tactical tools. It’s durable, strong and resistant to corrosion, and is also used by the military as it never breaks, bends or cracks. Needless to say, we felt it was the perfect addition to our tactical carbon fiber wallets.

 coldfire titanium logo plate


Picking a wallet that’s appropriate can seem like a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you stick with carbon fiber wallets from a brand that places importance on the strength, durability and grit that makes you who you are, you won’t have to worry about what your wallet is saying because it’ll always be saying something good. Shop Cold Fire carbon fiber wallets today. 


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