6 Things Woman Find Most Attractive About Men's Style

  • by Chantal McCulligh

It isn’t the fancy car or how thick your carbon fiber wallet is; what women find most attractive all comes down to the small details you put into your style. Despite the lesson to never judge a book by its cover, women admit that their first impressions about men definitely come down to appearance. And as the saying goes, first impressions matter. So, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 things women find most attractive about men’s fashion, so you can style your luxurious leather wallet in a way that women like.


Fashionable Men’s Accessories

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This one should come to you as no surprise – women like to see a man wearing quality, tasteful accessories. When you choose the best wallet for men that pairs perfectly with your leather belt, luxury minimalist watch that matches your new shades, your entire appearance is going to be elevated.

Think about it like this; there are two men wearing the exact same outfit but one man has taken the extra time to add in well-chosen accessories. Which one is going to get more attention? Of course, it’s the one who has a slim carbon fiber wallet in his pocket and a minimalist watch (no, not a rubber band sports watch) on his wrist.

It isn’t about the money or appearing to have some either. When you compliment your masculine style with quality accessories, it lets other people know that you’re a man who cares about his appearance; who takes time to look good and to indulge in the finer things in life; a man who pays attention to detail. So, upgrade your wallet to a luxury leather wallet; treat yourself to a quality wristwatch and make sure you have some nice leather belts to match your shoes… Which leads us into the next topic.  


Great Looking Shoes

If your shoes look like you spent the weekend in the sticks, it’s time to replace them because women find men with great looking shoes more attractive. But here’s the thing, this men’s style tip is actually really easy because it doesn’t pertain to the type of shoe. Instead, it’s all about wearing clean, quality shoes that are appropriate for the season and occasion. So, if you’re wearing your old gym shoes out to dinner in the middle of a snowstorm, think again. Women will notice and they won’t like what they see.

Your choice of footwear should be as high quality as your luxurious leather carbon fiber wallet, and you’ll want to have more than just one pair to make sure you can dress appropriately for the time of year and your agenda.


Basic Tee and Jeans

Just when you think you have to fork over a fortune for a new wardrobe, the ladies come through with this one. One of the most attractive masculine styles women like to see on a man is a basic white tee and pair of jeans. Simple, right?

Here’s the thing, although basic, not all white tees and jeans are created equal. In order to pull off this look, your white tee should be crisp and clean as if it just came off the shelves and your jeans need to be in-style, fitted and clean. In other words, the ladies won’t think those oil stains from the weekend are sexy and a stretched out, dingy white v-neck won’t give off the sex appeal you’re going after. Keep it clean, gentlemen.

And if you aren’t a fan of fitted jeans because your wallet is big and bulgy, swap it out for a chic, slim wallet for men. All of our carbon fiber wallets are designed to be the slimmest styles out there. So, even if you get a trifold carbon fiber wallet, it’ll still fit nicely into your new fitted denim.


Rolled Sleeves

Apparently, the ladies like checking out men’s forearms. Rolled sleeves were voted as one of the most attractive things women like about men’s style. It gives off a relaxed, easy-going sex appeal that ladies seem to love. So, after you leave the boardroom and head for the bar, get in the habit of rolling your sleeves for a cool, casual and approachable look.

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Good Grooming Habits

When it comes to facial hair that women find attractive, it’s all about having good grooming habits. No, we aren’t talking about seeing how long your wild playoff beard can grow either. That might impress your buddies but the ladies want to see clean facial hair, groomed body hair, a nice body odor and an overall clean look.

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t have facial hair or a long beard (some women are into that), but you’ll want to make sure you groom it nicely and regularly to keep your appearance up to the ladies’ standards.


A Well-Fitted Suit

Ask any woman and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing quite like a man in a good, fitted suit. Unfortunately, it seems very few guys know how to pick a quality suit and if you don’t need to wear a suit to work, you probably feel like you don’t have to own one. Wrong. Women love a good suit and there will always be a time when you need one. So, invest in a good, high quality, fitted suit. It’s one of those items that every man should own.

The trends are constantly changing for men’s suit but the general guideline is to make sure your suit is fitted properly. Your shoulders should fit snug in the suit jacket; your sleeves should end just before your wrists and your pants should be hemmed to your length. If you’re looking like you’re drowning in the fabric, you are not pulling this look off.

Just like men’s wallets, suits are worth the investment. Spend a little more on a good suit (and a luxury wallet), and you’re set.


First impressions matter. To make sure your masculine style is more inviting than it is cringe-worthy, follow these most attractive styling tips for men. Whether you’re heading into a meeting with a new client or out on a first date, these are the simple details that will make all the difference.

For all of your men’s leather accessories, such as slim wallets, carbon fiber wallets, travel accessories and RFID protection, visit Cold Fire for the perfect pieces that compliment your masculine style.


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