Shocking Statistics That Will Convince You To Get a Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet

  • by Chantal McCulligh

 Very few people relay back to statistics and studies when shopping for their next wallet. After all, what do statistics have to do with choosing a slim carbon fiber wallet? Well, prepare to be shocked. As you’re about to find out, these are plenty of wallet states that you’ll wish you knew about long before now.

Shocking Reasons You Should Be Using a Men's Carbon Fiber Wallet

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300,000 Wallets are Stolen Each Year

Studies show that approximately 300,000 wallets are stolen each year in the United States. Although the Cold Fire home base and production factory are nestled in the heart of Plovidv, Bulgaria, this is still an important statistic to pay attention to.

Wallet thieves are everywhere and the larger the wallet, the easier it is to steal. Here’s why; a slim carbon fiber wallet can fit securely in tight, smaller back pockets. A thief would have to reach far into your pocket to grab it. A bulk wallet often sticks out of your pocket like a red flag signaling thieves. Problem number one.

The second problem is that they’re big and bulky, and can easily be grabbed right out from under you.

The third problem is that you’re more likely to take your wallet out of your pocket when it’s bulky and jabbing into your pants. This presents the perfect opportunity for someone to walk up and grab it.

So, if you can relate to the 300,000 people who have their wallets stolen each year in just the United States, you’ll want to trade in your style for an upgraded, slim carbon fiber wallet.  This one simple change to your wallet can drastically reduce your chances of having it stolen.


1,000 Wallets Are Stolen Every Two Minutes

300,000 wallets stolen in one year in the United States isn’t that much, right? This statistic actually breaks down to approximately 1,000 wallets being stolen every two minutes. So, whether you think you’re exempt from this rule or are one of the lucky few who have never had their wallet stolen, don’t be so confident. It is a very likely possibility that your wallet will be stolen at least once in your lifetime, if not more. The good news is that having a slim wallet will reduce your risks, as they’re harder to grab and easier to keep taut and secure in your pocket.

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Only 1 in 5 Lost Wallets are Returned

If you lose your wallet, don’t bank on getting it returned back to you. Studies show that only 1 in 5 lost wallets get returned to their rightful owner. This is a pretty brutal statistic, especially considering thousands of people lose their wallet every single day. My own boyfriend lost his wallet just last week as he ordered take out for us. And this statistic holds to be true. Despite it being lost in a business parking lot with cameras and all, it was not returned.

So, you’re basically S.O.L. if you lose your wallet. However, you can lower your chances of this happening by strategically picking your next style. Instead of opting for the big, bulky and outdated styles that pop out of your pockets, choose a slim carbon fiber wallet. These types of men’s wallets are great for keeping your wallet in your pocket and not someone else’s.


Most Identify Theft Cases Are From a Lost Wallet

A new report came out stating that 43% of identity theft cases came from a lost wallet. Shocking, right? Well, it isn’t entirely true but the statistic is still high. Researchers looked deeper into this study and found that 65% of people surveyed about their identity theft weren’t sure how their information was accessed. Although, that 65 % doesn’t include anyone who was robbed, pick-pocketed or lost their wallet, as they know how their data was stolen. This information was never included in the report, which skewed the results drastically.

However, even with the new information added, identify theft from a lost wallet is the largest contender for those who knew how their private information was accessed. So, if you’re more worried about a data breach, transactions, stolen paper mail, “friendly” theft, or online information than you are your wallet being stolen, you might want to think again. You don’t just lose your cards and cash when your wallet gets stolen; you could very well become a victim of identity theft.

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400,000 People Are Pickpocketed Per Day

It makes sense to think that the larger your leather wallet, the harder it is to be pickpocketed. Some people don’t even think pickpocketing exists in this day and age. However, studies show that 400,000 pickpocketing incidents occur per day worldwide.

This doesn’t even include electronic pickpocketed. So, if you think your big wallet doesn’t stand out in a crowd of thieves, you are mistaken. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.
When you use a slim carbon fiber wallet, you can keep your wallet hidden in your pocket instead of popping out with bills sticking out of the top. Our line of carbon fiber wallets for men also include RFID technology, which prevents electronic pickpocketing as well.


45% Of People Who Lose Their Wallets Have To Spend An Entire Day Or More To Undo The Damage

When you lose your wallet, you don’t just lose your wallet and everything in it. In reality, you lose a sufficient amount of time as you work to undo the damage. According to one study, approximately 45% of people have to spend a day or more undoing the damage of losing their wallet. And if you think about it, this makes total sense. Not only do you spend a fair amount of time trying to find your lost wallet, but you also have to cancel all of your credit cards and debit cards, report lost cards, and get a new driver's license. This alone can take several days to complete.

Fortunately, when you use a slim carbon fiber wallet, you won’t feel the need to carry every document, card and bill you own with you. Having a thin wallet also allows it to be tucked into tighter pockets and places, so you are less likely to lose it. However, even if you do happen to still lose your slim carbon fiber wallet, you will only have a couple of things to cancel and replace.  


Who knew wallets were complicated? We did. The type of men’s wallet you choose can play a drastic role in the safety of your information. Most people can relate to having their wallet stolen and lost, and opting for a slim carbon fiber wallet can help reduce those chances for you. Shop Cold Fire today for the slimmest wallets on the market, all of which come with RFID protection.


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