4 Kangaroo Leather Accessories Every Man Should Own

  • by Chantal McCulligh

For the man who appreciates the finer things in life (or who simply doesn’t like crap quality), kangaroo leather accessories are the next big thing. Kangaroo leather takes the luxury and quality of traditional cow hide to the next level. It’s exceptionally lightweight, is the strongest leather, has extreme durability, and is extremely soft to touch. So, if you’re looking for some new men’s accessories and leather goods, here are the kangaroo leather accessories you’ll want to get your hands on.


What is Kangaroo Leather?

Before we jump right into the top kangaroo leather accessories for men, let’s first talk about what kangaroo leather is. As you may have guessed, it’s leather made from the skins of kangaroo. It is the strongest type of leather due to the structure of the collagen fibers that contain zero sweat glands. This allows the skin to have an even, consistent structure. It also runs parallel to the skin, which helps form a dense, consistent pattern. In other words, you can split kangaroo leather and retain 50% of its original strength, whereas other leather hides only retain, on average, 2% of the original strength.

Kangaroo leather accessories offer extreme durability, due to the unique fiber structure. The fabric is breathable and extremely soft, making it a comfortable, practical and tactical leather.


Top Kangaroo Leather Accessories for Men

Now that you know the luxury and benefits of kangaroo leather, it’s time to explore the top kangaroo leather accessories for men.


Kangaroo Leather Wallet

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For the type of man who thrives off of adventure and adrenaline-pumping experiences, whether it’s riding a motorcycle or climbing a cliff, a kangaroo leather wallet is a must. Due to the superior quality, strength and durability, these types of men’s wallets can keep up with your lifestyle, no matter how hardcore it is.

Equally, kangaroo leather wallets are sophisticated and can be taken right from the great outdoors and into the corporate world.


Tactical Kangaroo Leather Cardholder

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Every man should have both a carbon fiber wallet and a tactical cardholder. Although all of our carbon fiber wallets and accessories are designed to be the slimmest on the market, there are some situations that are just better with a cardholder. For example, if you’re hitting up a local amusement park to ride some rollercoasters or are traveling to a dangerous destination, a cardholder keeps your essentials safe and snug.


Tactical Pen and Case

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Even if you’ll never use it, a tactical pen is a top accessory for men that every guy should own. This small tactical accessory doubles as a self-defense tool and window-breaker. And while we have no doubt that you can handle our own without tactical accessories, they sure are fun to have.

Now, the tactical pen itself isn’t made of kangaroo leather, but the tactical case it comes with is. And that just adds to the level of how epic this men’s accessory is.


Titanium Kangaroo Leather Key Fob

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You can tell a lot about a person by the keys they hold. Add our titanium kangaroo leather key fob onto your key ring to emphasize your adventurous, masculine and sophisticated style. Our Titanium key fob is crafted with a combination of performance kangaroo leather and titanium, as well as carbon fiber, making it a tactical-grade fob that can keep up with your lifestyle.


For more kangaroo leather accessories for men, check out our line of premium carbon fiber slim wallets. All of our men’s accessories are made with carbon fiber, titanium, and kangaroo leather for luxury, eye-catching tactical gear that fits your exciting, adventurous life.  


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