8 Dangerous Ways to Camp in 2019

  • by Chantal McCulligh

Forget setting up a tent on the ground when camping this year. 2019 is the year for daredevils looking for new ways to heighten their adrenaline rush. It’s all about camping on cliff sides, in caves and even underwater. So, grab your carbon fiber travel accessories because these are the most dangerous and adventurous ways to camp.

Camping in a Beer Can

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For all the beer-drinkers out there, you can now take your love for the brew to the great outdoors. You just have to go to Smukfest in Denmark.

Smukfest is a wildly popular music festival – and one of the best that happens right in the Nordic countries. And if that wasn’t enough to entice you to get tickets for Smukfest 2019, a local brewery now sets up massive “beer cans” for you to rent and camp in during the festival. They come with two floors and room for 8 people to sleep in. And hey, it beats passing out on the lawn right? 


Camping in an Ice Cave


Gone are the days of camping on a warm summer’s night. You can now bring your camping experience down a notch on the temperature scale and take your tent closer to the Arctic Circle. From Finland to Norway, Iceland, Alaska and even Northern Canada, you can now set up a site in an ice-covered cave.

This style of camping is significantly different (and dangerous, making it perfect for you thrill-seekers out there), than traditional camping. The more dangerous an activity is, the more prep you need to do and that's certain with this style of camping. So, before you grab your carbon fiber passport cover and suitcase, do some research and see if you’re adventurous enough to handle this exhilarating adventure.


Camping on a Cliff

One of the trendiest ways to camp in 2019 is on a cliffside. No, we aren’t talking about pitching a tent on the top of a cliff. Instead, many tourist destinations have suspended tents and even cabins along the Cliffside of the highest peaks you can imagine, allowing you to camp in mid-air. Some destinations offer cliff camping over water, whereas others offer campsites suspended above one-hell-of-a long drop. So, whatever option you choose, it’s certain to get your adrenaline pumping. Hopefully, you’re not a sleep-walker.


Camping in a Tree

Perhaps you aren’t ready to take your need for danger to the cliffside. There's still an exhilarating camping style for you.

Instead of suspending your tent in mid-air hundreds of feet above the ground, you can camp in a tent that’s suspended from a tree. It’s a popular style of camping that is quite easy to find across Europe, but it’s even starting to pop up in the United States and Canada. So, if you’re looking to hang-ten from a tree, tree camping is definitely a must-try for 2019.


Camping Underwater

Yes, you can even camp underwater now. This dangerous activity will get your blood pumping as you dive deep and set up an air-bubble-filled tent underwater. It’s a bit complicated, as you do have to empty the boat compressor under the tent and use dive weights to bunker down, but it’s absolutely worth it if you’re an experienced diva or danger-seeker. Though, we aren't sure how "cozy" it'll be but at the least, you'll have an epic story to tell the guys. 


Camping in an Igloo

Although not too dangerous, another awesome adventure to partake in this year is to camp in an igloo. Many northern countries have establishments set up for adventure-seekers to enjoy an authentic igloo experience. From the grizzly-bear roars at night to the snow-shoe trek it takes to get to your weekend getaway, igloo camping is an adventurous way to enjoy some winter camping.

Now, if the idea of camping in wet, cold snow doesn't get your adrenaline going you can opt for the "less outdoorsy" alternative. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has designed "igloo-like" accommodations that give you that true northern experience, sans the freezing. The see-through roof will transform your evenings into an adventure that goes beyond what words can explain. So, although it isn't super adventurous or outdoorsy, it is a new camping experience that's worthy of this list. 


Camping in a Fire Tower

If you’re willing to climb 69 steep steps to reach your humble abode for the night, then camping at The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower in West Virginia’s Seneca State Park is definitely a great option. The park has set up cabins at some of the state’s highest points, allowing you to enjoy miles of beautiful scenery from the sky.  


Camping in a Treehouse

Head over to the West Coast of Canada and you can camp in a treehouse sphere. Qualicum Beach is a stunning piece of Canada that follows along the Strait of Georgia and the small town has set up pods for you to hang in during your stay. They’re more like a miniature hotel room in a tree than they are a campsite but nonetheless, pod tree camping gets you outdoors and for that, it's a must on your 2019 bucket list.


How to Camp Dangerously

Before you pack up shop and head off to find some dangerous and/or adventurous campsites, it’s imperative that you prepare properly. Camping in an igloo or at the peak of a fire tower, on the side of a cliff or while hanging from a tree will present some unique challenges. That's what makes it to exhilarating. From fierce wildlife to treacherous weather conditions, cold temperatures, moisture, new sights and new heights, you will need to sharpen up on your survival skills. So, do some research on the particular style of camping you’re considering.

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