9 Dangerous Adventure Activities Every Dare Devil Needs on their Bucket List

  • by Chantal McCulligh

Dangerously adventurous? You’ve come to the right place! Life is too short to always be walking on the safe side of the tracks and the rush of pure adrenaline (okay, and maybe slight fear) that comes when there is an extreme level of danger present is addicting. Once you experience the feeling of walking, flying or diving close to death, you just can’t go back to living a plain, boring life. So, whether you’re running out of dangerous adventure activities to do or are experiencing a midlife crisis and need a rush to revitalize you, these are the top nine adventure activities every daredevil needs on their bucket list for 2019.


Cliff Camping

Yes, you right that right! Cliff camping is a trending dangerous adventure activity that is perfect for daredevils looking for a bit of elevation and relaxation. Just as the name suggests, cliff camping involves camping… on a cliff. It’s the perfect way to sleep above the sea or land, and you also get the thrill of being suspended in mid-air. You might want to make sure you don’t toss in turn in your sleep – or worse, sleepwalk before booking this dangerous adventure activity.


Edge Walking

Take a trip to the friendliest country in the world and walk the edge of one of Canada’s sky-high monuments. The CN Tower’s roof is at a height of 175 meters off the ground and you can now strap yourself into a harness and literally, walk the edge. The instructors even suggest that you lean back, hands-free. If that rope wasn’t there, you’d be free falling in all the ways you wouldn’t want but fortunately, it is and you’re left with an adrenaline-pumping experience.

The CN Tower also has an incredible, rotating restaurant. So, once you’re done exploring the sights of Toronto, Ontario from the edge, you can take in the views from the moving restaurant that’s just below. So, don’t forget to pack your belongings and cash into a zippered carbon fiber wallet or you’ll be raining money on the city below.




For the daredevils who can’t get enough of heights – the higher, the better – then you need to try highlining. It’s quite similar to tightrope walking, only the rope is rather a balancing pole that’s stationed at the peak of mountains. Some even allow you to try highlining without the rope. So, if you fall, you’ll be free-falling to a safety net that’s stationed a bit ways below you. Either way, you get one hell of a rush. Just may sure you have a zippered carbon fiber wallet for this activity as well or your belongings are going to be long gone.


Cave Diving

Take things from the top of the world down to the bottom. Cave diving is an exhilarating experience that is perfect for the daredevils who like to scuba dive but desire more of a risk and dangerous adventure. There’s something absolutely terrifying about being underwater, in a cave and not being able to see the surface of the water. Add in the unpredictable currents, possible visibility issues and the risk of equipment malfunctioning, and cave diving is one hell of a dangerous adventure activity that is as rewarding as it is… slightly insane.


Free Soloing

Climbing a mountain isn’t any fun when you’re strapped into safety equipment. Where’s the fun in that? A new popular dangerous adventure activity that many daredevils are starting to take up is free solo mountain climbing and just as the name reads, you are free and climbing solo. There are no harnesses or safety equipment attached to you. Just you, whatever gear you wrap around your waist and the world.


Ice Climb a Frozen Waterfall

Free Soloing is awesome but perhaps you’re looking for more danger. Well, add in some slippery surfaces and freezing hands and you’ll have one hell of an exhilarating experience. The unpredictable climate and surface of climbing a frozen waterfall is enough to get your blood pumping and it also give you and the guys something to boast about next time you’re at the bar.

Now, although this dangerous activity does require you to wear a harness and safety equipment, it also affirms the potential of danger that comes with it. This makes it worthy of your danger bucket list. 


Wingsuit Flying

If there’s one activity that has to be on every daredevils bucket list, it’s Wingsuit Flying. This dangerous activity is as close to flying as you’ll ever get. It’s a combination of parasailing and skydiving, only you wear the parasail and can steer and glide your way to wherever you want to go. There are some epic locations across the globe where you can wingsuit fly through mountain crevices and over lush forests. It’s incredible and incredibly insane but worth it. Though, you’ll want to make sure you put everything into a slim carbon fiber wallet  that can be safely secured to you before taking the jump to ensure optimal aerodynamics and comfort. There’s nothing like a bulky wallet catching a snag when you’re flying at top speeds.


B.A.S.E. Jumping

You’ve done the skydiving thing but are looking to take your desire for danger to the next level. B.A.S.E. jumping is it. As a B.A.S.E. jumper, you basically hurl yourself off of a cliff and other sky-high structures and only deploy your parachute when you are seconds away from hitting the ground. It’s terrifyingly exhilarating.


Shark Cage Diving

Toss yourself into a cage and throw some chum in the water. If you’re looking for a dangerous activity that your mom would never approve of, it’s Shark Cage Diving. You sit in a cage as the instructors’ chum-up the water for hungry sharks who then come and snack on your cage. It’s the safest way to get as close as possible to some of the world’s most terrifying sharks. Though, where you shark cage dive highly depends on the experience you have. We recommend South Africa or anywhere you’ll find some massive great whites.


Here at Cold Fire, we are all about the type of activities that leave our friends and family members looking at us like we’re insane. You know, the type of things you see other people fail miserably at in viral videos? The only difference is that, like you, we don’t fail because we come prepared. So, before you add these dangerous adventure activities onto your daredevil bucket list, check out the epic tactical accessories and carbon fiber wallets  on Cold Fire.



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