The ABC's of Chartering a Private Yacht in 2021

  • by Chantal McCulligh

 If the current travel situation has you having second thoughts about climbing aboard a mega ship but the seven seas are calling your name, maybe a private yacht rental is more your style. If you’ve long had the perception that yachts are only for the rich and famous, you wouldn’t be in the minority. Of course, there are plenty of charters that truly are for the discerning, multi-millionaire crowd, but there are plenty of affordable options as well. But before you dive headfirst into the hundreds of private yacht websites, and send an email blast out to all of your nearest and dearest travel buddies, hold on tight to those passport wallets and get schooled on the ABC’s of renting a private yacht.

First things first, what is considered a private yacht?

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Well, it depends on who you ask, as there are a few definitions of what constitutes a yacht. Back in the 1980’s and into the early 1990’s, the definition of ‘yacht’ was largely based on the massive superyachts that were more than a 100-feet. Some yachts are as small as 50 feet and others, larger than 200. Today, a yacht can be significantly smaller, and speaks more to the amenities on board. A yacht is a lifestyle and exotic home to explore some of the most prestigious ports and beautiful destinations on earth.

The Three Main Styles of Chartering a Yacht

Before you start planning your yachting adventure, it’s important to know what types of charter options are available. This is especially important to know if you’re working within a specific budget. Here are three different ways to charter a yacht:

 Cabin Only

This is where you would book yourself onto a group charter and you would be paying for a single cabin, similar to how it would work on a cruise ship. There are hundreds of yacht charter companies around the world that offer exclusive yachting tours you could book. Some of the most popular destinations for private yacht tours include Greece, Croatia, the Caribbean, the Pacific Northwest and the South Pacific.



 This type of yacht charter would be optional for anyone who is familiar with the yachting circle or is comfortable finding a crew and captain to run the charter for you. A bareboat charter means exactly that, you are chartering the yacht only, without staff. There are a number of reputable charter companies around the world who have reputable and licensed captains, you just have to make sure you do your research. In addition to a captain and crew, you would also be responsible for all necessary supplies, food, fuel and any other provisions you may need.


Fully Crewed

 This is pretty self explanatory; A crewed charter means you are paying for a fully staffed yacht. This charter also generally includes all provisions that would be necessary for your trip. This is the most sought-after yachting experience. These charters, much like the bareboat option, are fully customizable. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or exploring a destination that you’re not familiar with, a fully crewed charter is the most cost efficient, and worry-free way to enjoy a yacht charter.


What Influences the Cost of a Yacht Charter?

There are several factors that would influence the cost of a charter, including size, destination, length of time, and season. The more remote the destination, the higher the cost. More remote destinations will often require a highly skilled captain who is proficient in navigating a vessel through unpredictable weather. Some ports of call demand higher docking fees or port costs and therefore will influence the cost of a charter. And the more you customize your charter, the higher the cost.


Grab your passport wallet because it's time to get the boys together and go on a yacht. Chartering a private yacht in the coming months may be the perfect alternative to a conventional cruise holiday. And if you opt for a fully crewed or bareboat yacht charter, you have more control over who comes on board, which will ultimately keep you and your guests safer. Before you dismiss the idea over cost, crunch some numbers, divide it between your guests and you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s not an experience reserved for the rich and famous.


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