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6 Things Woman Find Most Attractive About Men's Style

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It isn’t the fancy car or how thick your carbon fiber wallet is; what women find most attractive all comes down to the small details you put into your style. ...

7 Types of Masculine Styles and The Best Men's Wallet For Each

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It wasn’t too long ago when men didn’t have much choice when it came to their style. You had the choice of either a suit or jeans; a...

4 Travel Dangers You Would Never Think To Look Out For

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Top Benefits of Carbon Fiber Wallets for Men

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Slim wallets, carbon fiber wallets, luxury leather wallets – you name it. The options available for the best wallets for men are endless which has likely left you wondering what...

The Best Mens Wallets: Carbon Fiber Wallets and Why?

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Just any luxury pocket wallets won’t do. As a man with style, masculinity, and a slight edge, you need the best mens wallets that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Leather Wallets vs. Carbon Fiber Wallets: The Pros and Cons

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To get a leather wallet or a carbon fiber wallet; that is the question. It really comes down to whether or not you’re looking for