Socially-Distanced Staycation Ideas for the Next Boys Trip

  • by Chantal McCulligh

 The world may be starting to open up slowly, but we’re still in the thick of this pandemic mess. You probably expected to spend your winter break floating around a pool, having a pint in some cool new town, or on some grand adventure through a country you’ve always dreamed about exploring. Let’s be honest, 2021 so far hasn't been the awesome year it’s supposed to be for travel. But that doesn’t mean you and the guys can’t still plan that annual guy’s trip, it just means that it’s going to require careful planning, and all of your activities will need to be socially distanced. So fear not guys, grab those compact wallets, and get gear shopping, because these staycation ideas will make you want to leave tomorrow.

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Backcountry Camping

The easiest way to pandemic proof your staycation, is to plan a trip that’s based in the outdoors. Instead of booking a campsite where the rest of the public will be, consider getting adventurous, taking some packs, and hiking into some more rural spots. Now, you’ve probably gone camping with your mates before, and shared a tent, but if you want to stay safe, make sure everyone has their own tent, sleeping bag, and eating utensils. Be mindful of who is touching what, and keep plenty of soap and hand sanitizer on hand.

Take a Kayaking or Canoe Trip

Want to amp up your outdoor adventure? Consider putting together a kayaking or canoeing trip. There’s no complicated route planning involved, especially if you’re travelling just offshore. But you will want to make sure you go through your gear list with a fine tooth comb. Like any outdoors trip, you’re going to want to plan and pack for all seasons, and if you’re not super comfortable in a kayak or canoe, consider taking some lessons first. You can plan a short trip, which might be better if you’re new to this kind of activity, or go longer if you’re a veteran and you want some quality bonding time with your friends in the great outdoors. Make sure to pack your compact wallet for this one, so you can slip it into a tightly sealed pocket. 

Take a Sailing Trip

 Few experiences will bond the gents more than a sailing trip. It can be a bit tougher to socially distance when you’ve got all hands on deck, so choose your mates wisely for this adventure. For a truly relaxing experience, consider chartering a boat that comes with a skipper. That way you can still have the epic experience of sailing, without the responsibility of keeping on course. Put those compact wallets together and share the costs of some great food, cocktail ingredients, and assign someone with the task of putting together some really epic music lists. Voila – A guy’s staycation you’ll be talking about long after the pandemic is over.


Hit Up a Guest Ranch

If you’ve seen Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone, you may have an uncontrollable desire to throw on some cowboy boots, a ten gallon hat and head out onto the open range on your trusty steed. A guest ranch is a great staycation option for those who want to spend the majority of their days outside in the fresh air, and want to master the art of horse riding. These ranches are often working ranches which means the ranch hands can give you a taste of cattle herding, and all of the responsibilities that come along with ranch life. Most ranches have separate cabins and meals can be taken outdoors in case you’re concerned about being in close quarters.  

Planning a vacation may not be in the cards this year with everything going on around the world, but we can’t let a pandemic stop us from exploring our own backyards. So grab your closest mates, put your heads together, and consider escaping a little closer to home this year.


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