How to Live Dangerously While Stuck in Self Isolation

  • by Chantal McCulligh

If you’re stuck in self-isolation, the boredom is likely taking over. Extreme lifestyles and this pandemic do not go hand-in-hand. For months, everything from camping trips to extreme sports, travel, and outdoor adventures was on lockdown. Fortunately, many things have lifted and you can finally get back to your extreme lifestyle. However, if you’re still stuck in self-isolation mode and desperate for some wildness, grab your carbon fiber wallet because there are some extreme things you can still do.


Dangerous Activities You Can Do During The Pandemic 

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Go On Extreme Hiking Adventures

The big parks may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck inside. With the right trails, hiking can offer the type of danger you like to live by. Take a day-trip to a local trail or head to a city over for extreme, treacherous trails. The more difficult a hiking trail is, the more dangerous it will be. So, don’t forget to bring your tactical pen with you, along with your carbon fiber wallet to ensure a positively dangerous experience.


Jump On The Motorcycle

If you have your motorcycle license, you can embark on an adrenaline-rushing adventure anytime. We wrote an entire article dedicated to the most dangerous roads for motorcycles, but even a quick zip around town can be enough to restore your extreme lifestyle. As a bonus, there are fewer cars on the road nowadays, so you don’t have to worry about as many idiot drivers.

We do recommend using a slim wallet for men when zipping around on your motorcycle. These types of carbon fiber wallets store what you need without a big, uncomfortable bulge. They help for aero-dynamics too.


Take The Bicycle Out For a Rip

You don’t need a motorcycle to indulge in some wild activities; any wheels will do, even if they’re bicycle wheels. And if you’re not convinced that a bicycle ride can make your heart drop, check extreme biking videos online. There are many dangerous bike trails that will pump your adrenaline to extreme levels, just the way you like.


Hit The Water

Public pools and parks may be closed or limited, but many beaches are open. This means you can easily slip out onto the water for awesome activities that cater to your desire for danger. Rent a seadoo, surf some waves, jet-ski, try kite-surfing, go tubing or boating. These are all extreme watersports that the pandemic hasn’t really restricted. Just make sure you have one of our carbon fiber compact wallets before heading out on the water, so that when you do get thrown around out there, your wallet remains in one piece.


Have a Night With The Boys

The pubs might be closed but the mancaves are not. While there are some restrictions put in place for social gatherings, most areas now allow small groups to socialize, especially outdoors. So, call up your buddies, grab some beers, and indulge in a guy’s night. Play drunken darts, bid high on a poker game, or toss a ball around. With your group of buddies, any activity can quickly become extreme.


When partaking in any of these activities, you should definitely have a carbon fiber wallet to ensure your wallet can keep up with your adventures. Wallets made of carbon fiber have unparalleled strength and durability for extreme lifestyles and activities. With the unique blend of materials, our carbon fiber wallets can keep up. Cold Fire has luxury wallets for men (and women now too!), made of kangaroo leather and a blend of materials that offer unparalleled strength.


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