How to Choose Travelling Bags and Wallets for Your Comfortable Journey?

  • by Anton Koev

Are you planning a trip coming up shortly? Then wait for a second...are you sure you are not forgetting anything? While planning your next safari, hiking or heli-skiing adventure, make sure you have the right luggage and travel wallets for a stress-free trip. As a cardinal rule of travelling, it is ideal to travel light and have only your necessary documents and cash with you.

You can be hassled by many issues during your journey. The last thing you want to worry about is electronic pickpocketing or mixed the paperwork! Have a look at the best travelling bags and wallets to choose from to avoid such mishaps. Choose the right travelling wallets and bags to protect your sensitive data and cash for a smooth and comfortable journey.

Mostly, it is said that it is better to travel light. Still, there are some travelling essentials that man cannot leave the house without. It is advised to plan your luggage before deciding upon the travelling bags and wallets. Decide which documents you need to bring with you. In most trips, just carrying your passport and visa is enough. Think carefully about your credit cards, necessary identification, cheque books, medical documents or transcripts which you need.

Keep hard cash with you to a minimum. This along with your essential documents will help you select the right wallet ensuring safety and convenience.


Look debonair and suave with an RFID travellers' wallet. It is about time you opted for a RFID wallet. In case you are not familiar, an RFID wallet is simply an ultra modern wallet created according to the traveller's needs in today's age. Nowadays, there are greater chances of electronic pickpocketing. Anyone can swipe off your personal information through the identification chip present in most credit cards and passports.

But, you do not need to fear. Cold Fire prevents your sensitive data to be misused by providing you with an RFID wallet! This wallet wards off any radio waves emitted towards your documents. Now no one can flash his device onto your travel case unsuspectingly and gain access to your bank account.  How relieving is that!

Avoid being electronic pickpocketed and travel using an RFID wallet for security of data and enjoy a comfortable journey. Otherwise, all it takes is a few seconds for anyone to go bankrupt because of electronic pickpocketing.

coldfire carbon fiber wallets adventure gear


Now you can up your game and travel with confidence. At Cold fire, we have RFID Passport holders that are manufactured using supreme quality leather from kangaroos and CX6 durable and strong carbon fibre.

Our passport holder reflects durability and strength, making it difficult for pickpockets to rob you off your passport. As our passport holders at Cold fire are manufactured incorporating RFID data armor, no one can transmit radio waves towards your passport holder and scan it to retrieve vital information through your passport's radio frequency identification chip.

As our RFID passport holder makes electronic pickpocketing almost impossible, you might want to avail yourself of this remarkable traveling accessory. If you are travelling without our RFID technology-enhanced passport holders and wallets, you could end up in a difficult situation.

passport holder rfid protected

Do not make the mistake of travelling in tourist spots for neheliskiing with your ID and credit cards in a regular wallet. All it takes is just one flash and your data can be stolen within a jiffy. Browse through our wide range of travel wallets and passport holders to travel with comfort and peace of mind.


Our slim leather cardholder is a dream come true for intense travellers. As regular wallets can thicken by carrying more cards and make travelling inconvenient, opt for our sleek card holder crafted from kangaroo leather. These sturdy and durable cardholders are slim as a blade and ultra-lightweight. It fits comfortably into your back pocket or your travel bag. As its every slot is made of military-grade thread,  it protects and holds all your cards in place. It also has a sliding ID window so you can instantly pop your card in style for identification. Now you will not be delayed at the airport fishing for your ID card.

red wallet black rfid

With these exemplary wallet options at Cold Fire, you can travel in style as our products reflect strength, style, durability and safety. Our wallets are made of sturdy kangaroo leather and meticulously handcrafted to suit all your needs and travel requirements.

With these four travel accessories for men, you have all the protection, strength, and durability needed for a safe experience. Browse the best slim wallets that double as tactical gear at Cold Fire.

# top photo credit: Andrew Neel


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