How to Pull Off a Rugged, Masculine Style

  • by Chantal McCulligh

Unlike women, fashion doesn’t typically come to men so naturally. Sure, by now you know the importance of having a high-quality carbon fiber wallet but you’ve still got a long way to go and no idea where to start. To make sure your appearance shows off the rugged, masculine style that matches your lifestyle, here are some men’s fashion tips to follow.


Start With The Carbon Fiber Wallet

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We hope that by now you’ve retired your weathered pleather wallet or worse, your duct tape wallet that barely deserves to be called “a wallet”. Despite being such a small men’s accessory, it is the one thing you cannot skimp out on.

For example, you could be wearing a $5000 suit but if you pull out a cheap wallet that looks like it should have been replaced 10 years ago, you bet that the wallet is going to make your expensive suit look like it came out of the trash. On the other hand, you could be wearing a men’s outfit that costs you $10 to put together but if you have a luxury carbon fiber wallet, your $10 ensemble quickly looks like a million bucks.

In other words, the mens wallet you choose will make or break the rugged masculine style you’re going for. And because of, a mens wallet is something you should always be willing to splurge on. However, that doesn’t mean that just because a mens wallet is high priced means that it is the best mens wallet on the market.

As a rule of thumb, the best wallets for men who want to achieve a rugged masculine style are going to be carbon fiber wallets from Cold Fire. Our collection of leather accessories for men are designed for the rough and rugged men of this world; men who need a strong, durable leather wallet that can withstand their rough and rugged lifestyle. Our carbon fiber wallets are also RFID wallets, meaning that no one will be able to electronically pickpocket you.


Keep It Classy But Not Too Classy

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There is a fine line between a classy rugged style for men and a classy preppy style. To ensure your look is more dangerous than it is dapper, stick with traditional clothing styles that have been around for many years. Think jeans and flannel shirts, leather belts, boots, tees and wool coats. Just be sure to stick with clothing that has simple, natural colours and next to no patterns. The more basic the look, the more badass it’ll look.


Military and Hunting Inspired Clothing are a Must

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your current wardrobe with a bit of rough, rugged masculine style, try to add some military or hunting-inspired elements into the look. When you think of men hunting or heading off to the military, you rarely think of what society has nicknamed “pretty boys”. So, add some military green into your wardrobe, earth-toned colours, buffalo plaid, and practical yet stylish accessories that make use of nature’s gifts, such as leather wallets.


Dangerous Styles Equates to Slightly Damaged Materials

Rough, masculine men aren’t afraid of a little fray or minor damage on their clothing, and you shouldn’t be either. As long as you have something from our collection of the best men’s wallets, you’ll be able to make frayed cuffs and collars cool.

However, if you’re wearing slightly damaged clothes while also using a cheap wallet, your style will look more dirty than dangerous. So, if you’re going to embrace the rough edges on your clothing, you have to have a luxury men’s wallet to counterbalance the entire look.


Achieving a rough, masculine style starts with having a luxury leather wallet. Head on over to Cold Fire to explore our carbon fiber wallets with RFID technology that can take your current style and upgrade it into the dangerous, manly look you’re after.


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