Hair-Raising Activities Every Dare Devil Needs To Do At Least Once

  • by Chantal McCulligh

 Anytime you’re traveling, you’ll want to have an RFID blocking wallet and RFID blocking passport cover to eliminate the risk of being electronically pick-pocketed. For these particularly adrenaline-pumping activities, using a zippered carbon fiber wallet or one of the slimmest wallets on the market will help keep your cards and cash in place as you take your nerves to the next level.

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Take The Olympic Luge in Pitch Dark in Lake Placid, NY

Reach speeds up to 90 mph in the pitch dark with a luge ride down the Olympic track from the 1980s. All you need to embark on this insane adrenaline rush is a 30-minute safety lecture and helmet that’s provided to you at the time, and the track is all yours. There will be an instructor with you as you plunge up to insane speeds but that doesn’t take away from the dangerous, risk that comes with this experience.

You’ll want to have a slim men’s wallet on this one to make sure you don’t lose your prized possessions during the ride.


Chase Intense Storms in Tornado Alley

Perhaps you’ve done all the typical adrenaline-pumping activities that dare devils go for and are now looking for another type of excitement. Tornado Alley is definitely the place to go for just that. Storm Chasing tours will take you up close and personal with a tornado, allowing you to experience the true blast and intensity of nature.


Bungee Jump Off of The Macau Tower in Macao

Chances are, you’ve already bungee jumped off all the places that are nearest to you. So, it’s time to take your need for high heights to a new destination. Macao is home to the world’s highest bungee jump, and quite possibly, the scariest as well. This adventure takes you 1,109 ft to the top of The Macau Tower, which is an adrenaline rush in itself. Then, you take the jump and plummet down into the busy city and open water below. The free-fall only lasts approximately 5 seconds but it’s one hell of a ride in the meantime.


Swim With Humpback Whales in the Dominican Republic

Forget about swimming with dolphins and stingrays. Pack your suitcase and grab your carbon fiber wallet and passport cover and take a trip over to the Dominican Republic, where you can swim with massive humpback whales. These beastly sea creatures will make you second-guess ever jumping into open water ever again - and for all the right reasons.


Go on a Rollercoaster With No Tracks in Ventura, CA

If rollercoasters are no longer cutting it for you, take a trip to Ventura, California and enjoy the rush of zipping through a rollercoaster without tracks. This thrill ride is staged 4,000 feet above ground and is complete with all the twists, diving, spinning, rolling and hair-raising speeds you’re looking for to satisfy your adrenaline seeking. Just make sure you carry the slimmest wallet with you, so you can tuck it in and enjoy the ride without the risk of losing your cash and cards.


Take It To The Nascar Racetrack for Speeds of Over 180 MPH in Talladega, Alabama

For the guys out there with a need for speed, a trip to Talladega’s Dale Jarrett Racing Adventures is a must. This popular destination for dare devils and adrenaline-junkies is where anyone can go to drive the fastest and largest racetrack – and at professional speeds. If that doesn’t yank at your chains, this dare devil activity is so dangerous that you’re provided a fire-resistant jumpsuit and helmet, and must wear an ultra-secure 5-point harness at all times.


Bike Down “The Death Road” in Bolivia

Pack your suitcase and grab your carbon fiber wallet and RFID blocking passport cover; it’s time to go to Bolivia. While there are many different trails you can ride, what is known as “The Death Road” is right up every dare devil’s alley. This winding dirt path takes you down 6500 meters of Bolivian mountainside, with a 3,330-foot tungsten tactical pen,  drop that can be found in manner places. This adrenaline-pumping experience will test you both mentally and physically, and it’ll give you a ton of bragging rights with the guys. Just make sure you travel to Bolivia with a tungsten tactical gear, as it isn’t listed amongst the safest places to visit.


Experience Total Weightlessness with the Zero G in Las Vegas, NV

Experience what it’s like to be entirely weightless with a 90-minute ride on the G-Force One located at Zero G in Las Vegas. This adrenaline-pumping experience was designed by a former astronaut and it the zero gravity experience goes down – pardon the pun - on board of a 727. Needless to say, it is certain to take your need for extreme adventures to the next level.


Swing Over The Edge of a 350-Foot Cliff in Queenstown, New Zealand

Grab your RFID blocking passport cover and head on over to New Zealand for a hair-raising experience that will have your nerves pumping. At Canyon Swing, you can free-fall off the edge of a 350-foot cliff, dropping over 200 feet at speeds that reach over 90 mph. You go so fast that the drop only lasts 3-seconds, and then you swing for 2-minutes over beautiful river rapids, but the adrenaline rush will definitely last for several hours, and you’ll also get bragging rights that never expire.


Explore Twisty Canyons in Moab, Utah

You’ve already done cliff jumping and cave diving, but now it’s time to go canyoneering. Located in Moab, Utah, you can rappel, swim, hike and climb through twisty canyons that will really put your endurance and strength to the test. The canyoneering experience typically takes several days and requires plenty of hiking and exploration, which is part of the fun. You’ll find hidden gems, come face-to-face with wildlife and drop into levels of this earth you never knew existed.


Take Flight on a Fighter Pilot Jet in Fullerton, CA

Channel your inner Tom Cruise from Top Gun and take your need for speed and high heights above the clouds. At Air Combat USA in Fullerton, you get an intense aerial experience in fighter pilot aircrafts, as your pilot riding shotgun executes some stomach-dropping manoeuvres, such as sudden nosedives, loops and turns. You even learn how to abandon the plane and parachute to safety, if the worst case scenario was to happen. Talk about intensity! tungsten tactical pen, carbon fiber wallets, tactical wallets,


Surf Down a Volcano in Nicaragua

When surfing the sandy shores is no longer doing it for your dare devil aspirations, take a trip to Nicaragua and surf down the side of a volcano. It’s similar to regular surfing, only this time you’ll be on a wood plank blasting through dust and dirt that houses explosive lava. Though, since Nicaragua is considered to be an unsafe travel destination, you’ll want to make sure you have an RFID blocking wallet and tungsten tactical pen with you. Perhaps it won’t even be the volcano surfing that gives you the biggest rush.


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