5 Wallet Features That Give Off Your First Impression

  • by Chantal McCulligh


Before you even open up your wallet, it’s giving the others around you a sneak peek at who you are as a man. What may surprise you though is that the first impression they’re receiving may not put you in the best limelight. There are many things that can trigger other people to stay away from you, even if they aren’t true. So, before you step into your next boardroom meeting, go on a date or head out on the town with the guys, you’ll want to determine what these five wallet features are saying about you.

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1) The Brand

Despite what cheap brands want you to think, the brand of your wallet does matter. The brand always matters for most things in life because often times, the brand reflects the quality of the product. It’s why you have a preferred motorcycle brand and a preferred sneaker brand, and why you don’t buy dad jeans from some generic, mass-produced department store. As much as you may not want to admit it, brands matter and you pay attention to the brand you’re shopping, whether or not you’re conscious of it.

Now, there are two different ways a brand can work to hurt you or to help you in social situations. For starters, cheap brands are always a no. They give off the appearance that you, too, are cheap, and that you’re also a basic, boring square… just like your wallet. On the other hand, super luxurious wallets for men will give off an appearance that you’re too good for other people who aren’t on the same level as you. So, if you shouldn’t buy the cheapest wallets and shouldn’t buy the most expensive “couture” ones, where does that leave you? With the middle man.

You want to purchase a quality wallet from a brand that emphasizes unparalleled strength and durability; from a brand that doesn’t emphasizes “ooh, I’m rich and fancy,” and from a brand that doesn’t says, “we are exclusive and you can’t afford me unless you hang out at VIP yacht club while wearing collared shirts and khaki shorts,”… Unless that sounds like you, then by all means.

Otherwise, you don’t want to pay a higher price simply because a celebrity endorses the brand. Rather, you want to pay a higher price for superior quality. Underground brands that are coming to the surface or middle man brands that aren’t rich and snobby are good bets. If you aren’t sure about a brand, do some research and you should be able to tell if the brand reflects who you are or the impression you want to give off.


2) The Design

The next step is to take a look at the design and see if the wallet’s appearance gives off the impression you’re going for. If you’re hanging out at a super-rich golf course with memberships that cost over $10,000, perhaps you’ll want a super fancy wallet that charges you a couple grand just to have their renowned logo printed on the surface.

But we’re going to assume that that’s not you. We’re going to assume that you’re a wicked dude who likes to have fun with the guys and who doesn’t want crap but who also doesn’t want couture either. If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to opt for sleek, minimalistic designs. Wallets that are simple and far from flashy are the best option for your lifestyle and for giving off the impression you want.


3) The Compartments

Inarguably, the most important yet highly overlooked details of a wallet are the compartments. What may surprise you though is that the number of compartments says a lot about you. For example, carrying around a sleek stealth cardholder gives off a minimalistic and masculine vibe whereas a bi-fold carbon fiber wallet gives off more of a professional and masculine vibe.

Choosing the best carbon fiber wallet based on the compartments has a lot to do with preference. So, don’t overthink it. Just look at your current wallet and determine how much stuff you have jammed into the pockets that you really don’t need. Then, figure out how many compartments you need for your wallet to store your necessities. If nothing else, less is more. If you pull out a wallet that has a ton of jam-packed compartments, you look messy and if you open a wallet with a bunch of empty compartments, you look broke. So, stick with the slimmest wallets with minimal compartments.


4) The Materials

You cannot – and I repeat – you cannot overlook the materials. The fabrics that make up your wallet are of utmost importance. You can have the most expensive wallet but if it’s made with cheap materials, your appearance will follow in suit.

Now, that’s not to say that you have to opt for a wallet made out of gold either (nor should you, unless you want to be robbed). Instead, the key is to opt for quality materials that coincide with your quality requirements. Think about the quality level you require for your clothing; for your house; for your women, for your job and for your lifestyle. Then, choose a wallet that is designed with materials that match those things.

For example, our carbon fiber wallets are made out of materials that are designed for the gritty, aggressive and fast-living type of guys. They’re made with kangaroo leather that offers lightweight strength that’s stronger than cowhide, Carbitex’s award-winning carbon fiber which is the stronger on the commercial market, Dyneema fibers that are 15 times stronger than steel, and that’s only to name a few. All of these materials speak to a lifestyle. So, determine what your lifestyle is and then make sure the materials that make up your wallet say the same thing.


5) The Bulk

The bulkier the wallet, the better…. Is false. There is nothing good about having a bulky, heavy wallet – not for you, not for the bulge in your pants that you think is tricking people, and not for the impression you want to give. Just say no to bulk. Fat wallets are a thing of the past.

To give off a first impression that tells people you’re up to speed, you need to opt for the slimmest wallets on the market. There’s no way around this one.


Now that you know what your wallet should have to give off the first impression you want, it’s time to shop the slimmest wallets at Cold Fire.


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