9 Self Defence Moves Every Man Should Know When Traveling

  • by Chantal McCulligh

The biggest mistake a man can make is thinking that he’s tough enough for whatever situation may present itself. Even the toughest people have found themselves on the wrong end of a dark alley, despite growing up fighting on the streets or thriving as a badass. The thing is, you can be a tough guy in one country and a total wimp in another country because it all comes down to knowledge. If you walk into a cartel-zone in Mexico thinking that your street fighting experience or days ripping on a motorcycle are going to protect you from the threats of this area, think again. The guy with the hometown advantage is always going to have one up on you, even if you’re used to being the tough guy where you live.

So, as you get ready to load up the bike or take off to a dangerous travel destination with the guys, silence the ego and learn these powerful self-defence moves before traveling.

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The Open Hand Strike

The Open Hand Strike is an easy self-defence move that trades in the traditional punch for blunt from the heel of the hand. This defensive move is particularly great when used on vulnerable areas around the head, such as a person’s eyes, face and neck. To execute this self defence move while traveling, punch with your hand open and aim for the heel of your hand to hit the target.


Lean Into The Attack

One of the most common threats when traveling is theft. Pickpocketers and thieves have perfected the talent of stealing men’s wallets and backpacks without anyone noticing. However, if you do feel someone grab your bag or arm, the most important self defense move is to resist pulling away and instead, lead into the attack.

For example, if a thief has your backpack and is trying to pull it off of you, lean back into his intense pull and he will likely stumble to the ground where you can then execute your other self defense moves to get the guy away from you.


The Straight Punch

As you already know, not all punches are successful but with the right techniques, you can throw a mean punch that is much more likely to send your target self defence moves for traveling, traveling self defence moves, easy self defence moves, tactical gear, tactical pen, tungsten tactical pen, stumbling. With the straight punch, the key is to push off from your legs as you extend your arm out for the punch. Clench your fists tightly and lean an explosive blow into your target, aiming for the knuckles of your pointer and middle fingers to make contact.

You can also use a tungsten head tactical pen to add more power into your strike.


The Groin Kick

This one goes without saying. As a guy, you already know how effective a swift kick to the groin can be. Kick as hard as possible, aiming with the lace of your shoes or the tip of your toes to make contact in the groin area. If you’re too close, the knee will work as well. Remember to kick through the target.

If the attacker is behind you, add more power into your kick by driving your hips forward and bending your knee just enough that your heel makes direct contact.


Pull Your Target In

Assuming your target does not have a weapon, you can add more power into your strikes by pulling the target into you as you execute the blow. Whether it’s the attacker’s clothes, skin, hair or shoulders, grab as much as you can and yank the attacker towards you as you kick or knee through them.


The Bear Hug

You know that big bear hug you give that the ladies in your life love? Well, it is one of the top self-defence moves as well. It’s important to avoid fighting strength with strength and sometimes, the best option is to restrain your target. You’ll want to execute this move from behind to avoid getting hit and kicked but the real secret is to get your target onto the ground, so you can then pin him down or execute other self defence moves for travellers.


Two Fingers To The Throat

You don’t always need to use all of your energy and strength to fight off an attacker. The two finger-method to the throat will instantly make your target drop. Though, it does require you to be fairly close to the attacker, so you’ll only want to use it if needed. To execute this move, straighten and tighten your index and middle finger. Aim for the center of the neck, just above the collarbone and below the adam’s apple, and push in and push down. Once your target is down, run or continue to strike as needed.


Bear Hug Defence

There’s a good chance that attackers also know the power of the bear hug. So, not only will you want to know how to execute this traveling self-defence move but you’ll also want to know how to get out of it.

If you ever find yourself grabbed in a bear hug, whether from the front or the back, you need to start fighting back right away. This gives the attacker less time to get a better, tighter grip on you and it also presents you with the opportunities to establish space.

To effectively get out of the bear hug, lower your canter of gravity by bending your legs and widening your feet. Make yourself as heavy as possible and continue to strike, head butt, kick, knee, punch and bite as needed.


Kick From The Floor Up

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re on the ground, your feet are going to be your best weapon. If you’re able to, use the ground and thrust your hips off of it as you plunge your feet into the assailant. This will put extra power into your kick and will hopefully send the guy running.


You’re a tough guy here, but you need to have an extra set of skills when traveling to a new, dangerous destination. Add in a tactical pen and RFID blocking wallet and passport cover to your backpack along with these self defence moves, and you’re ready to travel to places most men would never even think about going to.


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