5 Totally Epic Post-Pandemic Motorcycle Trips to Start Planning

  • by Chantal McCulligh

What’s more visceral and thrilling than cruising down the highway on two wheels, the wind thrashing your face and arms, all of your worldly possessions strapped to the back of your motorbike, and nothing but the unknown stretched out in front of you? Absolutely nothing! Now is the perfect time to pick your destination, research a packing list that includes lightweight gear and when we say lightweight, think carbon fibre tools, your thinnest wallet, airy but durable fabrics. And once you’ve got that sorted, start mapping out your next epic post-pandemic motorcycle trip.

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Make sure to pack for all-seasons on this jaw-dropping 700 mile adventure from Anchorage Alaska, down to Canada’s Yukon on the Old Alaska Road. Sparsely populated, unspoiled and teeming with everything from Bear, Moose, and Bison, this is the kind of trip you won’t want to ever end. Accommodation is sparse, but if you’re daring, pop a tent and remember, home is wherever you hang your helmet. This stretch of highway is unforgivable at times, so pack light, and be sure to brush up on your mechanical skills, because you’ve only got the wildlife to call on for assistance.



Vietnam is known for its pristine beaches, dizzying intersections, postcard worthy landscape and affordability. It’s also the perfect place to plan an epic post-pandemic motorcycle trip. Make sure to bring your camera gear because the rural country side and the humble people who wave to you from their villages are memories you’re going to want to come back to time and time again. The road from Quang Bhin to Phong Nien will make you want to test your throttle and the scenery will steal your breath away. Don't forget to pack your slim wallet too because there are many places you'll want to stop. Roadside markets and food stalls will keep your belly full, endless rice patties and rolling green hills will chase any boredom away, and the technical difficulty of riding this challenging road will have you feeling like you’ve been transported back into another era.


North Carolina

Saddle up, it’s time to do some real riding. You want some thrills? How tacking 318 curves on one of the worlds most beloved touring roads for motorcyclists? North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon is a mere 11-miles of the US 129, but whipping through under the cover of the Great Smoky Mountains, dodging meandering wild boar, turkeys and bear will definitely have you testing the throttle and sharpen your senses. The winter months are the most treacherous, so think about a spring to early fall start for this trip.


The N14 is no magic carpet ride, but this legendary stretch from Marrakech through the Western Sahara will make you feel like a time traveller. This level of riding requires highly specialized, lightweight gear, that includes your thinnest wallet, a solid wrench kit (complete with a mastery of mechanics), and nerves of steel, because it’s just you, a handful of curious caravans and sands older than time out there on the road. There are few stretches of ‘road’ as desolate that offer the rider the thrilling feeling of being insignificant. The sunsets set the sands ablaze and the sunrises awaken the soul every day, reminding you that you’re still alive.


Stop what you’re doing right now (unless you’re at work, than maybe just make a note of this for later). But seriously, any motorcycle enthusiast worth their salt will have seen Motorcycle Diaries and if you’ve got your eye on South America for a motorcycle trip, this stunning biopic takes you on journey through the pre-revolutionary days of Che Guevera. This unforgettable, hair-raising, adrenaline pumping ride takes you through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and finally ends in Venezuela. If you think you’ve got what it takes, this 11,722 mile odyssey follows his tire prints and is no doubt, the stuff dreams are made of.

 These are just a handful of the world’s most epic post-pandemic motorcycle trips, but there should be enough variety here to inspire you to start planning. Remember to pay close attention to seasons, climate patterns, and road conditions for the times you want to travel. And remember, you might be walking around with the thinnest wallet in your back pocket, but that’s no reason to cheap out on gear. Go with the best, because that’s what you deserve.



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