Men’s Spring Fashion Trends for 2021

  • by Chantal McCulligh

Over the past year, fashion trends have been a little, interesting, shall we say. In 2020, many left the traditional workplace in droves, only to find themselves sitting at a desk or their kitchen table, working from home. Bars and restaurants closed down, holidays were put on pause, and there was little reason to shop the latest trends. And while some made the effort for those all-important Zoom meetings a steady fashion diet of sweatpants, yoga wear and casual outfits were often preferred over dressier options. With nowhere to go, there was no one to impress, not even ourselves! With the world opening up, and the warm weather coming, it’s time to grab that carbon fiber wallet, throw on last year’s sneakers and head out to find some fresh threads for Spring 2021.


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Nautical Theme

Every few years this trend makes a comeback through different collections. This year, Dolce & Gabbana as well as Gucci incorporated anchor themed sweaters and shirts in their collection. But let’s be honest, maritime themed styles will never go out of style. Dating back to the Victorian Era, the British Empire was conquering the furthest reaches of the world, and the British naval uniform came to represent courage, loyalty and power. In modern times, nautical styles are often synonymous with beach holidays, yachting and cruising; Travel.


Summer Suits & Sandals

Maybe it’s because we’ve all been running businesses or attending meetings from the comfort of our home that we’re dying to dress to impress. Men’s suits will never go out of style, and as we head into warmer weather, lighter fabrics like cotton twill, linen, and seersucker are ideal. In more casual work environments, skip the heavy dress shoe and consider an embellished or smart leather sandal instead.  


The Classic Harrington Jacket

You probably have a bomber jacket (or two) hanging in your closet, and a few of you may even have a Harrington jacket but just don’t know it. A Harrington (also known as a G9 or Baracuta jacket), was made famous by Hollywood icon James Dean. Harrington’s are usually made from a light-weight cotton, wool, suede, or polyester material. They’re waist-length, and are a great transitional jacket between seasons. They never go out of style and are perfect for just about any occasion.


Lighter Washed Denim 

Lighter washed denim, while it may be a bit more expensive (because of the in-depth washing process), it’s far more comfortable than raw denim, and more suitable for the warmer month. Lighter denim can be paired with a cheeky graphic Tee, a simple white T-shirt or dressed up with a Harrington jacket or light-weight, unlined blazer.


Wrist-Watches Are Back 

Yes, we’re inevitably still going to use our phones to check the time, social media and email, but like a slick and slim carbon fiber wallet, nothing can replace the elegance of a beautiful wrist-watch. In 2021, you’re going to see a bit of a renaissance with two types of watches; the first is the minimalist design. These will be neutral colours, with simple leather wristbands, with the flexibility to be worn enough with any outfit or style. The other, more popular design option is the ‘skeleton watch’. The mechanics of these watches are visible through both the front and back of the watch itself, and it’s the detailed inner workings of these well-crafted watches that make this must-have spring 2021 accessory a proper conversation starter.


These are just a handful of ideas you can incorporate into your spring 2021 wardrobe once we step out of lockdown and into normal everyday life. You may even have some of these things kicking around your closet and it’s time to bring them back out. Stay tuned for more style tips over the coming weeks and new styles of slim wallets for men and women.






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